Nicasio Woodworks Wedded Wood™ oval trays

The remarkable appearance of these handcrafted products is created by nature when contrasting walnut trees are grafted together, producing exceptional patterns and coloring where the two woods merge as the tree grows. When walnut orchards are replanted after decades of growth, the grafted tree trunks contain an inner beauty that the artists of Nicasio Woodworks seek out and highlight in their Wedded Wood™ products, creating these stunning pieces for functional and decorative use.

Every item is unique, so dimensions vary somewhat and photos illustrate just one example of the dramatic figuring and color variation found in these products.

These beautiful trays make an exceptional gift for weddings and anniversaries, or simply to celebrate a home, as their unique features evoke the strength and beauty of the union of two lives. Click below for more about Nicasio Woodworks and Wedded Wood™.

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