Set of 2 Simon Pearce Pomfret taper holders

Created by master craftsmen in New England, Pomfret taper holders vary slightly in size and details, as you would expect for art glass produced by hand. Their classical styling is especially well suited to traditional tabletops. Price is for a set of two holders.

Simon Pearce home accessories are produced by hand using traditional skills and techniques. Master glassblowers create one piece at a time, and each is hand-finished to give that item its own distinctive character.

  • Sold as a set of 2
  • Holders are 9.5" tall
  • Due to their hand-crafted origins, sizes and styling details may vary slightly
  • Make sure to extinguish candles before the flame reaches the base
  • Please hand-wash
  • All glass items are lead-free
  • Made in USA

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