Handcrafted wood bud vases

These charming little carved wood bud vases are a favorite gift item all year round. Handcrafted with loving care in Virginia from a wide variety of exotic woods, no two are alike. The height of each style is a constant but the woods, shapes, and cutouts vary. Each vase contains a glass tube so it can be used to display either fresh flowers with water or small arrangements of dried flowers. Small vases are 3" tall, medium vases are 6" tall. Singles, pairs, and small groups all look adorable. Made in USA.

(We get frequent requests for extra glass tubes but we are not able to offer these online. In case you want to replace one, the sizes are 12 mm x 75 mm for the 3" vases, and 18 mm x 150 mm for the 6" vases.)

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