Nichibei Potters: Japan-inspired Ceramics

Mikio Matsumoto and Cheryl Costantini blend elements of Japanese folk art with a contemporary flair to produce their signature collection of innovative handmade pottery.

For Mikio, painting and sculpture had been lifelong avocations while he pursued a career as a commodities broker in Japan. Cheryl, a native San Franciscan who had been fascinated by pottery since childhood, spent six years in Japan studying her craft. They joined forces in 1985 and have been working together in their Sebastopol, California studio ever since. Nichibei, literally translated, means "Japan and America." Their expansive view over Sonoma's wine country provides a daily dose of both inspiration and serenity.

Nichibei's work exhibits a masterful balance of form and function, elegance and precision, and their commitment to tradition rather than trends.