Cuong Ta: Modernist Slab Ceramics

Cuong Ta is a Berkeley-based ceramic artist whose stoneware forms are a unique blend of bold shapes, lively abstract designs, and subtle glazes. His strong emphasis on line and the interplay of positive and negative space represent an ingenious mixture of geometry and art. The mixture coexists in the man as well as his work: when not in his pottery studio, he teaches geometry and calculus to high-school students in Oakland.

Tracing his interest in art to a teenage fascination with comics, Cuong still draws, often generating new ideas on paper to experiment with lines and decorative details before transferring them to clay.

His work vividly illustrates the artistic, the technical, and the problem-solving aspects of the creative process. "I strive for an organic feel in my decoration, even as I take deliberate care in the design and execution of the pieces."