Sugahara Glassworks: Modern Japanese Craft Glass

We're not sure what it is, but there's something about glassblowing that turns artists into poets. 

Sugahara glass studio Japanese barware

Here's what the craftspeople at Sugahara say about their calling:

There is a moment when glass, as a liquid under extreme heat, attains its supreme beauty.
That moment is captured, and a form is given to it.
Drawing out the infinite potential of glass to the fullest,
Creating a unique shine and flowing forms.
To do this,
Craftsmen stand face to face with glass each day and listen to its voices.

Looking at their work, we say to ourselves:  yes, in fact, that's exactly what they do.

Sugahara black glass Japanese barwareOfficially established in Tokyo over 50 years ago, the company's origins in the Sugahara family go back as far as the 1930s. Their long history has involved many changes of business form and venue, but the most prominent recurring theme is an emphasis on design innovation. They have made great efforts to assemble an outstanding internal development group of craftsmen and designers. Yet over the same time period, with a far-sighted view of international talent and audiences, they have also initiated regular exchanges with European glass experts to broaden and refine their techniques. Since 2000 such exchanges have become a yearly event.

Sugahara Duo glassware Japanese barwareSugahara's product lines and markets continue to evolve in new directions, happily without losing sight of the thoughtful attention to detail that typifies their work. When you pick up one of their glasses it's very easy to imagine the skilled, patient hands of the person who made it.


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