Caron Miller: Scarves & Wraps

All of our artists are true originals, but among that unusual group a few people stand out as being ... even more original. Meet Caron Miller.

Caron designs for all women. All. Whatever your age, shape, size, or favorite color, Caron says, "Go with what you've got and show it off," and does she ever walk the talk. Working with her Santa Barbara production team, she turns amazing fabrics into wearable art designed to make women feel their most "beautimous" (Caron’s term for fabulous, gorgeous, and divinely beautiful). Madonna says "Express yourself" but Caron says "Who cares if you don't look like Madonna or anyone who hangs out with her? Feel good about yourself, express your individuality, and be your truest self." 

Caron was born in Canada and has been refining her fashion and visual arts talents since receiving her first Singer sewing machine as a birthday present at age ten. But instead of pursuing a degree in fashion or art, she did what came naturally to her, which meant following a much less traditional path. She worked for many years in the skate and snowboard industry until she was ready to start her own business.

Today she combs the Los Angeles fabric district and textile shows in search of inspiration. Every fabric has its own story in Caron's world. Many of her best finds come from the excess fabric remnant market, so she is continuously producing one-of-a-kind creations that are fabulous and environmentally aware.

So!  Put on a Caron Miller scarf or wrap, get out there in the world, and be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. 

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