Sara Sill: Luxurious Graphical Silks

With characteristic understatement, New York artist Sara Sill describes her path to art as "non-linear." After graduating from Princeton with a major in architecture, she attended law school and practiced as a corporate lawyer in a prominent Wall Street firm. This experience was followed by a career in the non-profit sector with a classical music organization.

Most of her early works were photo-collages made during her travels and served as visual journals of her trips. These collages were created in the old fashioned "low-tech" way, with scissors, glue, and paint, using her own images taken with a simple point-and-shoot camera.

She studied photography, painting, drawing, collage, and surface design at the School of Visual Arts, the Art Students League, and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, as well as in special programs in Italy, Greece, and France. Sara's interests in music and architecture continue to be apparent in her work, which often has a rhythmic structure and a focus on patterns and harmonies discoverable in nature.

Sara's silk scarves came into being at an exhibition of her photographs, where a guest lamented her lack of wall space for art and wished the images were scarves so she could wear them. "Eureka! For an avid scarf lover like me, the idea of transforming my art into wearable textile designs made my heart sing... and here we are." The textile designs are based on Sara's photographs, from which she creates digital art on the computer. The designs are digitally printed on 100% silk charmeuse, with backs of color-coordinated silk—wearable art in the truest sense of the word.

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