Amy Torello

Wearable art at Terrestra: Amy Torello

Amy Torello is a self-described global nomad who finds artistic inspiration literally everywhere. When she's not out exploring, she divides her time between San Francisco and Mexico City, where she correctly observes that "the navigations between history, art, and traffic never seem to end."

Amy TorelloIntroduced to silver-smithing at the age of 16, her subsequent wanderings and education eventually brought her to Taxco de Alarcon, high in the mountains outside Mexico City. In this colonial city long known for its tradition of hand-crafting silver jewelry she had the great fortune to study with several masters of the craft. She also studied at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, pursuing work in painting, graphic design, and glass enameling. She later studied advanced enameling techniques at El Circulo de Buenos Aires, a society of artists dedicated to keeping old-world techniques alive in Argentina.

Today she is constantly exploring ways to blend traditional hand-crafting skills with modern technologies, such as 3-D printing and creating custom-colored resins. She is always looking for exciting ways to translate her ideas about texture, movement, and form into unique jewelry that will bring joy and fun to the women who wear it. Her designs seamlessly cross borders of time and place to reflect a bold, adventuresome outlook: big, brilliant, modern, and fearless.