Judith Neugebauer

Not many jewelry designers have had extensive training and performance experience in classical ballet, so Judith Neugebauer brings unusual perspective to her work as a studio jeweler. "A previous career in classical ballet and theater instilled within me a deep awareness and appreciation for movement, line, and balance. These are the classical qualities I have always tried to incorporate into my jewelry designs … and in my life."

Also finding time to study ceramics as well as jewelry, her explorations with clay in the early 1980s introduced her to an Asian aesthetic, which is evident in the calligraphic use of gold leaf in her jewelry designs.

Judith is fascinated by the process of turning her materials into wearable art. Each piece is made by hand in her studio using sterling silver with an overlay of 23k gold leaf. Many pieces also incorporate freshwater pearls. Fold-formed as well as die-formed hollow elements create visual depth, yet an overall concern with lightness and movement remain central to her approach. The addition of oxidized, sandblasted sterling silver on the surface creates a rich charcoal black patina that contrasts even more dramatically with the 23k gold leaf; this is a popular finish she offers on most of the pieces in her collection (ask us!).

Today Judith's work is widely exhibited and collected. She lives and works with her husband, Tom Neugebauer (a nationally known ceramics artist and sculptor), in Milford, Pennsylvania.