Molly Dingledine

Molly Dingledine Jewelry at Terrestra

Molly Dingledine Jewelry at TerrestraMolly has been making things for as long as she can remember, with whatever materials were at hand: Lego, fabric, paper and pencils, beads. Her interest in jewelry began early and flourished at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied not only metalsmithing but also photography, glass fusion, painting, bookbinding, papermaking, and sculpture. Shortly after she graduated with a BFA in metals and jewelry, she dedicated herself to making jewelry as a full-time occupation and passion.

Molly Dingledine Jewelry at TerrestraIn describing how and why she makes art, Molly says, "Nature fascinates me. My admiration and spiritual connection to it inspires me to create. Through the cycles of Earth, the universe makes sense to me. In the intricate and delicate forms of leaves and buds, flowers and seed pods, I see the complete experience of life — birth, growth, existence, aging, death, and ultimately reawakening. ... I love to study plants and how they grow. Each component connects to create a perfect structure. I build upon simple natural shapes to create complex, organic, and kinetic forms. Through my work I pay respect to our Earth and the growth and transformation that is part of life."

From her home and studio in Asheville, North Carolina she's well situated to enjoy the beauty of the mountainous terrain and flora of her Appalachian surroundings, whose organic and botanical forms inspire her work.