Robert Lechterman

Robert Lechterman has had a lifelong interest in art glass. Originally from New York and now based just a few hours north of the city, he studied scenic and lighting design at NYU. This was followed by a long and successful career in film production as a cinematographer, which he considers indirect but relevant preparation for working in glass. Color, light, and composition are vital tools of both trades.

"In the camera, glass not only makes the art of photography possible, but is also used as a filter medium to alter the tonal quality of the image: darkening a sky, emulating a sunset, achieving selective focus ... On the set, lighting through textured antique or art glass creates shapes on backgrounds as well as providing transitional elements to enter or exit a scene."

Inspired by the work and mentorship of fused glass artist Martin Kremer, Bob has since developed his own techniques by working closely with other renowned and innovative glass artists.

Robert's pieces are layered and dimensional, juxtaposing organic and geometric patterns. The many influences on his work include painting, sculpture, architecture, and nature.