Sugahara Cascade Carbon two-tone fused highball glass

The two-tone Cascade highball glass from Sugahara is well balanced and versatile, suitable for presenting any cold beverage with style at your table or bar. Carbon is an unusual and sophisticated neutral color. Each glass is fused along an angled ellipse that joins a lighter-hued top section to a darker-hued and slightly heavier base, a design element requiring expert technique and remarkable consistency. Best of all, these elegant glasses are durable enough for everyday use.

Sugahara produces glassware of unsurpassed quality and beauty. Each piece is handcrafted with the meticulous attention to detail that you would expect from Japan's finest craft glass studio.

  • Height: 5"
  • Capacity: 11 oz.
  • Due to their hand-crafted origins, styling details may vary slightly
  • Please hand-wash
  • All glass items are lead-free
  • Handcrafted in Japan

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